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Errata: First Pass - BESM 3 — LiveJournal
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Errata: First Pass
It's very difficult to publish a book without any errors. Yes, there will be typos. In BESM 3, there have been several more significant errata issues identified to be so far.

The first is a simple math error in the Slime template (page 117). Features was indicated as costing 2 Points/Level instead of 1 Point/Level, meaning that the template should be +7 Points instead of +10. In keeping with units of 10 for all templates, I suggest making this simple change: all Slimes have an additional 3 Features of their choice to reflect the sub-races/colour of slimes. This adds +3 Levels of Features, which is +3 Points. The template cost is now correct at +10.

The second one is an even small math error. The Guardians Gryphon (page 124) should have an unarmed Damage Multiplier of 14 rather than 8 to account for its Superstrength.

The third errata is a formatting issue in three tables:

* Table 11-2: Attack Situation Modifiers (page 154)
* Table 11-3: Defence Situation Modifiers (page 154)
* Table 12-2: Armour (page 168)

The PDF proof that I had before Adam sent the files to White Wolf shows the tables formatted correctly, so I'm unsure where the problem crept in. I'm sure that White Wolf will have an errata section on their website, but until they do, I have uploaded the pages to my website. Please note that I'm doing this as a service to the fans, rather than to step on WWP's ownership of BESM.

You can visit the errata download page by clicking here.
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From: (Anonymous) Date: January 27th, 2007 09:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
thanks a ton, i dont have my book or my pdf yet but i will be dropping these pages into them when i get them.
doctor_toc From: doctor_toc Date: January 27th, 2007 09:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
From: strongblade Date: January 27th, 2007 10:01 pm (UTC) (Link)

Thank you!

Thanks for all this Mark!

I suspect there shouldn't be any problems with psoting the proofs. It's great to see the proper formatted tables so we can jump right in... :D
From: (Anonymous) Date: February 1st, 2007 03:03 am (UTC) (Link)

errata errrors?

Looks like a few negatives "-" are missing from the errata of pg 154 - for example "Target is Moving at: 300 to 999 kph 6", all the "Target within melee range, and", "Target beyond melee range, and:", and "Range Modifiers". Easily enough fixed for the tables I'll paste into the book.

Thanks for the eratta.
From: (Anonymous) Date: March 29th, 2007 02:09 am (UTC) (Link)
thank you so much for this! amazingly, arthaus/white wolf has an erratta downloads page for BESM3, but it is still empty.
From: (Anonymous) Date: March 29th, 2007 02:19 am (UTC) (Link)

out of curiosity....

who would i contact to submit stuff for the errata, and what types of things are so niggling i shouldn't bother? for instance, i couldn't point out exactly where, but i'm sure there were at least two spots where there was one letter missing from a word, and such-like. also, i'd double-check the math in the templates. for example, skeleton key: 30+48=78+10=88+20=108+10=118+30=148+12=160+20=180+9=189-1=188-6=182-2=180, NOT 170 as listed. first one i pointed out since i dropped one into my Silver Age Sentinels game (that i just switched over to BESM3 - oh, and she has the student template, too and fills the roles of lovable mascot, target of kidnapping attempts, and allowing the GM to drop hints when necessary).
LOVE this game, btw. been buying your stuff from BESM1 on.
anyway, i'm admiralhonor@yahoo.com if i can post that here. (if not, i suppose it'll get edited) and you can either email me there or drop a post to the silver age sentinels yahoo group if you'd like to get back to me on it. or if you just want to chat and bounce around ideas.
From: (Anonymous) Date: September 11th, 2007 01:29 pm (UTC) (Link)

Complete Errata 1

Rules Errata & Clarifications:

Page 17 [Table 4-2]
Damage Absorption [discovered by Brasten]
Damage Absorption is listed on Table 4-2 as a cost of 15/20. This is incorrect as it can cost 10 (base) or 15 (with Boosting) and Effect both HP and EP for an extra 10 points on top of that for a total of 20 (base for HP & EP) and 25 (HP & EP with Boosting. The final possible costs are then 10/15/20/25 depending on what variables are used.

Pages 26-27:
Damage Conversion [spotted by Silverwings of Glory]
In both the Attribute information and in Table 4-3, it lists Damage Conversion as costing 10 or 15 points per level. However, in the body of the description, it lists 10 and 20 points per level. As a discrepancy, it is assumed at this point that majority rules and the correct value is to be 10 and 15 CP per level.

Page 36:
Illusion [discovered by Ashes Ascending]
In the explanation under Multiple Illusions, the example give uses Illusion Level 3 at a cost of 10 points. With Illusion costing 2pts/level, it is assumed it should be referring to Illusion at Level 5. The variable costs and examples appear correct if this is the case.

Page 39:
Land Speed [spotted by Doresh]
• Clarification: Under the Land Speed Custom Restrictions it indicates a -1 for half speed for off-road and a -2 for 'Road Bound' vehicles (those that cannot be used off-road). This may seems to contradict all the example vehicles in the Core Book, which list 'Road Bound' at -1. However, none of the vehicles in the core book are truly 'Road Bound' and are more realistically to suffer the half-speed penalty of -1. As such, this appears to merely be poorly worded or described.

A better way to describe such a Restriction is to indicate levels of 'Road Bound' at levels -1 (half-speed) or -2 (unable to go off-road). Examples of 'Road Bound' (-2) vehicles would be Trains, Trolleys and Monorail systems; those simply unable to operate without the 'track' system they utilize. Otherwise, a vehicle with this restriction at level -1 are simply reduced to half-speed, as they are not designed to take advantage of off-road situations at full Land Speed.

Page 52 vs Page 89:
Table 4-5 versus the first column in Table 6-1 [spotted by Strongblade]
There is a single discrepancy between Table 4-5 and the first column of Table 6-1: Foreign Culture on Table 4-5 is listed at 1 point/level and on the first column of Table 6.1 is it listed at a cost of 2points/level. Since the two supplied templates in the book (Adventurer and Demon Hunter) show Foreign Culture as being purchased at 2pts/level, it is assumed the error is in Table 4-5. The Multiversal cost of the Skill: Foreign Culture should be 2pts/level.

Pages 61 vs. 147:
Unarmed Combat Damage versus Weapon Level 0 [pointed out by the pugilist and arcady]
• Clarification on the amount of damage done with Unarmed Attack on page 61 may at first appear to contradict the rules for Weapon Level 0 on page 147 which says it does no damage. Technically both of these are correct, but in the case of Unarmed Attack, one will add ACV to the damage where Weapon Attack 0 will not. Clarified by Mark MacKinnon, the two differ in subtle ways:

1. Unarmed Attack is a "Free" Weapon 0+ACV damage attack all characters have. It is non-lethal damage by nature. It is in essence a 'special case'.
2. Weapon Level 0 does not add ACV by design in order to allow creation of attack forms, weapons, and items that do no damage, but can have a wide variety of effects such as a net or webbing only entangling an opponent without providing any physical damage, lethal or non-lethal.
From: (Anonymous) Date: September 11th, 2007 01:31 pm (UTC) (Link)

Complete Errata 2

Page 81:
Modifying Attributes/Adjusting Costs Box [spotted by GFBeach]
In the adjusting costs of an attribute based on modification of an attribute at the bottom of the page, the example uses Healing with a cost of 8CP, being modified to a cost of 4CP due to the reasons outlined in the example. Since Healing actually costs 4CP per level in the Core Rules, it is suggested that the example numbers should be 4 instead of 8 and most probably 2 instead of a 4, with a reduction of 2CP/Level.

Page 83:
Keeping It Simple Box [discovered by Doc Halloween]
The Keeping It Simple box references the Multi-Genre Skill costs on Table 4-3, however this is supposed to be referencing Table 4-5 (which is on Page 52).
Clarification: The Table 4-5 (Page 52) and the first column of Table 6-1 (Page 89) should be identical (they aren't, see Page 52 vs. Page 89 above), and the Keeping It Simple Box should probably reference BOTH Table 4-5 and the first column of Table 6-1 (located on Page 89).

Page 141:
Character Action [reported by Strongblade]
An error in the last paragraph on Page 141 references: (Attacks - Offensive Action, Page 141) where that subsection is actually on Page 142.

Page 232:
Column of White Space on Index Page [reported by Intrope]
Although it doesn't appear to be missing any entries, the section of the Index in 'C' section shows a long white expanse in he lower two-thirds of the column, between the entries for Coincidence 205 and Collateral Damage 180. This appears to be mostly a layout formatting glitch and no data is lost.
From: (Anonymous) Date: September 11th, 2007 01:32 pm (UTC) (Link)

Complete Errata 3

Template/Sample Character and Item Errata:

Page 106:
Sample Character of Tabitha [discovered by Jon Snow & Emperor Xan]
• The character should have 65 HP instead of 60. This would increase the Shock Value from 12 to 13.
• The character should also have only 55 EP, not 60 EP.

Page 115:
Half-Oni Template [reported by Doresh]
The defect Blind Fury is listed as only -1 (whereas the actual defect in the Defect section is a -2, -4, -6 type of Defect). Since no special reason is given, it is assumed the Defect should be listed as -2 and the final cost of the template becomes 59 CP

Half-Orc Template [spotted by Strongblade]
The defect Inept Attack (Ranged Attacks) is listed twice (at -5 points each). The second listing is supposed to be Inept Defence (Ranged Attacks) because it then matches the Size template for Large size.

Page 117:
Nekojin Template [discovered by Strongblade]
The Skill: Stealth Attribute should have a cost of +6 as based on the Multi-Genre Skill cost Table (which all Templates were built using). This would raise the Template to a total cost of 22 CP.
• Alternatively, one could also add 2 points in Defects of the Player's choosing to re-adjust the cost back down to 20 CP.

Slime Template [discovered by Strongblade]
• Features is incorrectly calculated in cost as +3 Levels for +6 CP. The Cost should be +3 CP which would make the Total Cost +7 CP. Since Templates typically have values that are divisible by 10, it has been suggested by Mark MacKinnon that you can simply add +3 more levels to Features which can be defined by the person creating the character as Slime-related features of the players choosing. This would keep the cost accurate and simply need to have the Levels become +6 instead of +3.

• Clarification has been given regarding the Features Attribute for this template also by Mark MacKinnon, who explains that the Features consist of 1 level in Appearance: Cute and 2 levels of Light Armour (1 AR) due to the feature 'Slippery' which give the Slime an Armour Rating of 2. As well, to make the total template cost correct, add +3 more levels in Features definable by person creating the character. Extra levels in Appearance or other slime-related features a player may think of are of course the most appropriate.

Page 120:
Vampire Template [spotted by Doresh]
• Metamorphosis Attribute still has a Duration at default of 1 minute (level 3) as per core rules. To make this permanent would be +13 more levels of Duration costing +13 more points. This would bring the cost of Metamorphosis up from it's +64CP to +77CP and increase the Template cost to +123CP.

Page 122:
Demon Hunter Template Description [discovered by Jon Snow]
• The Description lists the associated Artwork on as being on the same page, however it is actually on Page 164.
From: (Anonymous) Date: September 11th, 2007 01:36 pm (UTC) (Link)

Complete Errata 4

Page 124:
Guardian Gryphon Stats (Sample Character) [discovered by Jon Snow]
• The word Gryphon is misspelled in the title bar.
• The Damage Multiplier for the Gryphon Character sheet should be 14, not 8. Confirmed by Mark MacKinnon.

Page 126:
Master Thief Template Description [discovered by Jon Snow]
• The Description lists the associated Artwork on as being on page 165, however it is actually on Page 122.

Page 129:
Samurai Template [reported by Doresh]
The Attribute Skill: Area Knowledge is incorrectly listed at +2 Levels and +4 Cost. The correct values should be +4 and +4 for each (Skill: Area Knowledge should be 1CP/ Level)

Page 175:
Powerboat Item Cost [spotted by Dr-Faustus]
The cost on Powerboat shows as being 20 points (01CP) which should actually be 20 points (10CP).

Page 175 & 176:
Assault Mecha Item Costs [reported by MagusRogue]
The cost for the Item Assault Mecha is incorrect due to a miscalculation of the Superstrength Attribute. Superstrength Level 3 should cost 24 points, not 6 points. This will increase the Item cost of the Assault Mecha from 150 points (75 CP) to 168 points (84 CP).
The error is duplicated in Table 12-4, where the costs should be bumped to the correct 168 points and 84 CP respectively.

Space Freighter Hit Points [discovered by Doresh]
The Atttribute Armour for the Item Space Freighter on Page 176 incorrectly value it at Armour 40, Hit Points 20, where it should be Armour 40, Hit Points 40. The accompanying Table 12-4 lists it correctly.
From: (Anonymous) Date: December 28th, 2007 07:42 pm (UTC) (Link)

I'm glad this errata page is here

It looks like WWG never bothered to put the errata up on their site.
anime300 From: anime300 Date: April 3rd, 2008 07:50 pm (UTC) (Link)
So...I may be wrong here, but the example of the Weapon attribute on page 61 looks like it doesn't work there. What a highly complicated example X.x
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